Sorry Sorry Sorry

Teaching forgiveness to toddlers.

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just say no to school

I think somebody is ready for pre-school… I create a schooling activity with Sage for about an hour or so a day, hell, 10 minutes most of the time. It’s mostly sporadic throughout the day but consistent.  We read the Sage the same book over and over for about a month.  That was a tip […]

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childhood unplugged 

We had a full week and Mama was tired by Thursday but I hung in there for the kiddos… Centennial Park was so much fun but Sage was not trying to get wet.   We had a play date with Sages buddy…. he loved the water needless to say! Baby Jus got wet too… Tot […]

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a letter to my sons 

Today, Justus, you flipped over on your own from your belly with just three pushes onto your back at 2 1/2 months.  I was in awe because you did so, so quickly.   You’re on your way to making your footprints on Earth. Sage, today you called my name…..JADA! Can you believe that and you […]

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