The last three years have been great, I have connected with other moms, made new friends, live and socially.


There is always a but, how effective is my platform. I am always at a cross roads as to what content to post that will create a discussion. When you look at all the social media influencer pages everything is prim, proper, beautiful, even mystifying with bold pictures.


At first, I truly blogged in hopes of gaining followers and being labeled as an “influencer.” Securing the bag and gaining popularity was high on the list.

But now that my kids are growing, I cannot help but notice the world and the times we live in. To be a great parent is to make your mark, set paths and examples and legacy for your kids. The ultimate goal: for them to have and be better than what you are.

We are living in horrible times with that demon and his inept wife as president, yes I said it, I have no sympathy for her either. Women have often been just as treacherous as their racist and bigoted counterparts.

Being a racist is becoming popular. Hatred is becoming popular. Violence is popular. And it could happen to anyone at anytime.

No racism has always been there. We’ve just never seen it’s ugly face displayed as often as we see on TV.

I loathe him and all that his administration and followers stand for.

There is no safety, no peace, no kindness, no compassion, no tolerance and lastly there is no GOD in this administration.

Haven’t you noticed?

I have worked very hard to get to the point where I have a true voice and at this point in my life and my career I have a responsibility to do what’s best for the world and not what is most popular.’ – Beyonce

At this point in my life, at 40, popularity isn’t even a goal for me. Change is. Doing what is mandatory for my kids to thrive in America. I want to use this platform to shed light on the good in the world but also the worst of it.

But first, VOTE them out of office. I’m with Maxine Waters, if you see them in public, let them know how you feel. After all they work for us, our voices.

The youth of today began this millennial movement for change with the March for Our Lives movement to change gun laws.

I am delighted young people are aware and involved. Watch out!

I hope you’re registered because voting, not just in the presidential election, but primary elections will change this presidency. Vote out the senators, state representatives and lawmakers that do not have our best interests at heart. You can register and check to see if your registration is still valid here it only takes 30 seconds.

Do you know her?

Her name is Nia Wilson.

Say it with me.

Say her name.

Nia Wilson.

If you haven’t heard of her please click here to be informed. She was the victim of a horrible white supremaciat stabbing attack that took her life and left her sister critically injured.

I mean what in the fuck is going on.

Being racist is becoming popular. Hatred is popular. Violence is popular. And it could happen to anyone at anytime.

Yes, even you.

We have loads of work to do. It’s cool to post your beauty hacks, dopest outfits and places and people you have seen. Enjoy life, really enjoy it. But can you really be at peace when another’s life doesn’t matter, isn’t fully capable or allowed to enjoy the liberties and freedoms of the world.

But don’t forget life outside those squares is real. I hope you are using your voice for change as well. We can’t be distracted by what only makes us feel good. We have to always be affected by that lump I our throats, the drops of our stomach and tearing eyes to stay connected to each other I this world .

It’s really simple, the solution that is.


I know it cliche but it’s the truth. Because within love you find, peace, hope, faith and ACTION. Love is all of those things but most of all, it’s a verb.

Love is action.

So I will be at rallies this year, protest, signing petitions, making donations and whatever it takes to make change happen.

But until then I will enjoy babies and my family in my lifetime and pray this world will be different for #dembabies




hats off to the bride

It’s exactly 58 days away until our wedding or as I tell my Mama…”it’s not a wedding, it’s an experience.” The day finally came.

My bridal shower…..and it was heavenly..

I’m not big on attention and weddings are the exact opposite. All of the attention is on the bride. So I’m working through this social intro-extrovert…-ism I have going on.

Planning this wedding is nothing short of stressful, just the details that go into planning is taxing but I must say I am enjoying the ride.

I’ll say I anticipated this day being surrounded by family and friends in celebration of the big day.  I’ve also somewhat dreaded this day because of what I’d wear and what I’d look like in it.

I wanted everyone to look absolutely fabulous so it was a dresses and fascinators themed event.

It’s was a rough year with two pregnancies and two casearan’s.   My body has done some things and unfairly, I have done some things to my body.

But that fear came and went and I decided my mommy heart was bigger than my tummy part!!

Take a peek….

****Photo credits of the food and decorations taken by my future cousin in law Keisha Carter. 

#StillOnAHigh Lemme tell you I worked hard to get into an XL from my fav website for dresses which is the largest size they offer. Diet changes & exercise was/is a must. I had a C-section, got pregnant 3 months later then had another C-section all in ONE year. My doc was not happy with me but a woman’s body is f$cking amazing ……so yeah it was a rough year for me. I almost said I wasn’t gonna wear this dress bc of my tummy but shit ain’t nobody ehva said to me I love your tummy Jada….NOPE…. always I love YOU Jada… So mommy’s shout out to your tummy’s….if nobody else rub/loves it make sure you do!! 





DIY Vlog on Skin Toner 

People!!  I am still living in this unspoken paradigm of motherhood and LIFE!  Time management is my daily goal and squeezing posts in when I can, or cannot for that matter, when I should.   One thing I do try to keep up with is my skin care.

I’m exhausted and the last thing I am thinking of is a beat face honey, sometimes!  Most days a lightly colored lipgloss will do.  But I do try to maintain my skin complexion and tone by exfoliating, skin brushing and skin toners.

My skin tends to get super oily in the summer and moisturizers can be heavy and greasy too. So to make it easy I cleanse my face at night and in the mornings a splash of water and toner and I’m good.  Oh and lipgloss!

I decided to make rose petal, lemongrass and mint toner water.  The benefits of these leaves basically is amazing: 

Rose Petals – Excellent antibacterial properties that are effective in fighting acne and breakouts 

Lemongrass- Has the same antibacterial properties but is also a natural astringent. 

Mint- Fresh aroma and also strengthens skin tissue and reduces oily skin. 

I made my first DIY video playing around with a few apps so excuse the background noises but I like it it’s kind of raw.

The instructions are pretty simple if you need to see them written down like me sometimes.


Rose Petals


Mint leaves

Purified Drinking water

Witch Hazel

Kitchen Utensils

Small strainer


Spray bottle or jar to keep water in

  1. Boil water for five minutes first.
  2. Add rose petals, lemongrass and mint leaves and boil for 5/10 minutes.
  3. Remove ingredients from water and strain into a bowl several times before placing in your spray bottle or container.
  4. Add three parts toner water to one part witch hazel.
  5. Refrigerate for up to 4 days.
  6. Spray on after cleaning and moisturizing your face or just for a quick refresher throughout the day.



Do you make your own skin toner?  What ingredients do you use? Leave a comment here or on FB or IG

****the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents!!****

Beauty on A Budget

Beauty is skin deep and deep in the pockets lately! I’ve been extremely busy balancing this life of motherhood.  Exhausted is not even descriptive enough to show how I feel.  

Do I look like I feel, sometimes YES! 



My first throw up moment….

It’s been five months and I’m noticing that I haven’t paid as much attention to the details into going into me because of all the time that goes into Sage.  I don’t recognize this person at all.  I definitely still make an effort to match, be clean and neat but I don’t think I’ve ever had routine wardrobes.  A lot of leggings, sneakers and big shirts are defining my style….BLAH! I mean I was far from high maintenance or a pre Madonna but I enjoyed being a girl to put in simpler terms. 

So now I need a reboot back to me.  The first place I started was a fresh new look with my hair.  I’ve been natural for about 10 years now and it’s been almost three since I’ve pressed my hair out.  I definitely can’t afford the $70 do I was used to.  Or maybe I just don’t want to spend that much money on me with him in the spotlight. 

Those cheeks tho…..

So I’ve compromised on my prices but not beauty.  My cousin and I decided to try a local beauty school for my beauty needs to start the weekend.  I tried this experience years ago and I was satisfied but I never went back.  No reason why.

Beauty schools offer the same services as hair salons and spas at a significantly lower price.  The catch is that students are providing their services for a grade.  I chose Empire Beauty School in Dunwoody, Ga.  

My stylist was Tieraney aka BOOGIE!!! She said no pics today….. Really sweet and wants to do makeup and hair for the deceased in funeral homes.  You Go Girl!!! *in my Martin voice

So begins the journey…. 



My hair is extremely curly and has so much shrinkage.  I wear a TWA sometimes when I haven’t twisted it up but when it’s pressed—-> OH WOW!! 



I was shampooed, then she applied a leave in conditioner.  Unfortunately, I wrote down the services that I wanted but somehow it wasn’t input on my ticket so I ended up with the basic shampoo and style.  I was given a discount card to return for free services on my next visit for the mishap!  Hey, problem solved!!!
Boogie then pressed me out.  I was set on cutting it but when I saw how much length I retained through my pregnancy and post partum I quickly changed my mind. 

I even opted to keep the grey hair.  It’s growing on me but I will switch it up and dye it. Quick!  

So my one gripe about the whole process is the time it takes…..3 hours for a press out.  I’ve been spoiled with my one hour in and out runs. But for $12 ya can’t beat that with some Beats by Dre! Haaaa I made a funny. 


And the results were FAB. U. LOUS. 


Sage just stares and smiles at Mommy, babe is on the fence about it, he likes my natural look.  I love naturals because I have options to switch it up whenever I feels. Yes, feels!

So needless to say this will be a weekly trip if time permits.  I would love to try their facials and nail services!  I’ll keep you guys posted on my next visit.  

So for these prices I can still be me on a budget.  Everyone wins because when Mama’s happy, everything is copacetic.  

Not to say I’ve completely kicked my beautician to the curb, I love to revisit for those special occasions and delights of just being a girl and major cuts.  A little nervous with a student and fancy cuts.  I’ll let ’em hook a bob up for me. 

Google your local beauty schools and try for yourself.  Would you try a beauty school do at a discounted rate? 

Let’s chat! 


***the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents!**** 

Why I Brush My Skin

The opinions expressed on LCC are just that MY two cents!! 

Got dry, dull skin…. *raises hand.  Winter can take toll on your skin.  I think your skin is the ultimate determining factor of your health.  I mean who doesn’t want healthy, sun kissed glowing skin.  I don’t know about you but I love a quick “you have beautiful skin” compliment.  

With Spring approaching that means summer is here, in Atlanta at least.  In my head, I’m in a rush to drop these twenty, thirty …. well you get it, pounds of baby fat but my body just isn’t quite cooperating.  Exercise will follow soon, I think,  but til then —- beautiful glowing skin no matter what size I am. 

So, I’m starting with Dry Skin Brushing!!! 


What is dry skin brushing? 

Dry brushing is the art of brushing your skin with gentle but firm strokes towards the heart in an effort to cleanse the body of waste. One third of your body’s toxins are excreted through the skin and dry brushing helps to unclog pores and excrete toxins that become trapped in the skin. It also stimulates the lymphatic system for waste removal and increases blood circulation.    

At first I was like…

this brush does what?!?!?

Then after couple months or so I noticed my skin was a bit brighter, pores were smaller. 

Then I was like



My energy level was elevated for a new mom.  The little sleep I did get was tranquil and my skin felt tighter!! 

Then I be like…


So, after brushing my teeth, I dry brush my skin for about 10-15 minutes, longer if you can, before bathing and if possible I brush in the morning too.  Dry brushing has been apart of my routine for about six months now and it’s highly effective.  Yeah, when I get a chance to shower with a three month old, it’s my routine! 


Dry skin brushing stroke directions.

The benefits of dry skin brushing are:

  • Glowing skin
  • Removal of dead skin cells 
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Better sleep
  • Elevated energy levels
  • Removal of waste in the body
  • No bloating, gas

Really simple and easy to do! 

  • First, the fun part—-> GET NAKED!!!


    • Purchase a natural (not synthetic) SOFT bristle body brush.  You can find a similar one here.  
    • Start from the ankles and move upward toward the heart with light but firm strokes.  This is the same direction that the lymph and blood circulation flows.  
      • Next, brush the stomach, arms and chest towards the heart as well. 
      • I use a separate skin brush for my face because the body brush is too abrasive or I make homemade facial scrubs to exfoliate using the same brush strokes.  Another post on that later. 

        Afterwards, throw away those chemically induced facial/body scrubs and moisturizers and use all natural products.  I personally air dry and use coconut or sweet almond oil as my moisturizer after a shower.  

        Note: I exfoliate 1-2 times a week with a SOFT bristle brush.  Too much exfoliation can cause minor cuts, skin abrasions and lead to infection. 

        Another tip is to drink a hot glass of lemon water to jumpstart your digestive system afterwards especially if you bathe in the morning. 

        THIS is the routine to commit to! I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in my skin and my body.   My pores were unclogged, and my skin absorbed more nutrients resulting in an even tone and glow.  I felt energized when I woke and the bloated feeling was gone.  

        Now look, there ain’t a easy way to beauty but diet and lots of water play a major role in skin complexion, energy and waste removal as well.  Dry brushing is just a supplemental technique to compliment dietary choices.  So don’t go looking for a quick fix! Drink lots of water and eat those fruits and vegetables!!


        What skin regimens do you use daily? Let’s chat, leave me a comment! 

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