it’s called a penis

Encourage your children to say the names of private parts.

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vegan chickpea curry

*****the opinions expressed in LCC are just that, MY two cents!! **** This vegan thing is getting way out of hand. I’m hooked on the chickpeas and curry recipes. Both have extremely helpful benefits for you as well. See here and here. At first this was just a seven day kind of thing but now […]

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just say no to school

I think somebody is ready for pre-school… I create a schooling activity with Sage for about an hour or so a day, hell, 10 minutes most of the time. It’s mostly sporadic throughout the day but consistent.  We read the Sage the same book over and over for about a month.  That was a tip […]

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toddler outings 

June is here and summer is around the corner.  The kids will be starting preschool in August and I am not feeling that. Another post. I want to spend as much time with the boys as I can before their first day.  I am really sad about that too. So June is full of activities […]

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