so you haven’t tried elderberries yet?

Immune boosting Elderberry syrup

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a black girl plantation wedding

If you’ve ever scrolled through my posts you will know that I am getting married in 200 days now.  Wow. 200. The time went by quickly.  We have been engaged since Easter of 2016.  Not exactly planning to have such a longer engagement but I was pregnant and wanted a little more twerk bounce back time.  […]

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diy || baby oil 

I am completely obsessed with skin care and all natural products at that.  I love to make my own scrubs and butters.  My babies included too.  I am so hesitant to buy products off the shelf.  They claim to be natural but the ingredients list is still full of preservatives.  I try to stick […]

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diy || mess-free finger painting

Another DIY craft brought to you this rainy day again… but first, can these chubby little fingers and dimpled knuckles stay forever!! I am working on a VLOG for a cool backyard toy for fun.  So until I get that edited and posted here’s our favorite go to—-Painting! This one is so much cleaner than […]

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