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my go to winter quickies for meals

It's winter and I'm actually excited about it because the holidays and my birthday is approaching. I love cooking but I love one pot meals. I have two toddlers that have bottomless pits so I have to be careful and creative with their selections. Soup is the best way to get the boys to eat… Continue reading my go to winter quickies for meals


veggie omelette toast

Breakfast is served.   I really enjoy cooking for my family even if at times Apple and I are the only ones who eat.  Mistor is pretty simple, not too fancy even with his food. palette is all over the place.   I cooked Veggie Omelette Toast yesterday and it was really delicious.  I… Continue reading veggie omelette toast

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losing the baby fat while having a baby 

Hey y'all!! I am back with another delayed, overdue, procrastinated post.  The last four months have been extremely sad for me.  I've been to eight funerals this year two being my beautiful big sister and beloved grandfather and it's been particularly hard to cope, mourn and manage life being a new mom, soon to be… Continue reading losing the baby fat while having a baby 


DIY Organic Baby Food 

I've been contemplating when and how I would start to prepare Sage's food for him.  I realized it was time when he snatched my plate out of my hand one day. Kid's pretty strong.   I've done a post on store bought foods because I was traveling a lot for a month or so and… Continue reading DIY Organic Baby Food 


Avocado Quinoa Bowl

Food is a delightful treat of mine anytime, anywhere. I try my best to eat a variety of healthy foods but I backslide as any normal human would.  I decided to try a 21 Day Sugar Detox to cleanse my body of toxins, inflammation and replenish energy levels as well.  Not to mention it brightens… Continue reading Avocado Quinoa Bowl


Random Acts of Nothing But Something

My hometown Atlanta…..Stand Up!! Tonight was date night for us.  We’re trying hard to keep this up when baby Sage arrives.  We have vowed to still enjoy and take care of each other first in order to raise and build a family on our foundation. Fuzzy us Tonight was dinner at Twisted Soul….southern cuisine with… Continue reading Random Acts of Nothing But Something