blogging with purpose

Blogging with purpose

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my happy isn’t your happy 

In continuing with May’s 30 days of Happy I spent the day at the playground with the kids and my little cousin.  We normally spend a few days out of the week at the playground but today was a bit of a happier day. I realized that I have genuine fun with my kids.  I’m happy, […]

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throwback thursday 

Im several days late posting but no better time than the present. Ha!  We all have a past…. I started at Waffle House two days before 9/11 and left in 2015 when I found out I was pregnant. I was a salesperson and worked up and became a HR/Unit trainer along with one or two […]

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diy || alkaline water is life 

It’s the truth!  Water is life.  Can’t live without it.  I normally drink a fair amount between 3-4 8oz bottles a day but I know I need to drink more.  It’s not very easy for me to drink a gallon a day, the bathroom breaks, ridiculous.  I prefer to buy bottles, more of a mind […]

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