boys are magical too

I am so elated that society has taken a turn and is now purposefully instilling values of self love, ambition, confidence and all that pixie dust that black girls sprinkle around the world and in their communities. But what about black and brown boys!! I have two of the most adorable little black boys, I’m […]

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diy || baby oil 

I am completely obsessed with skin care and all natural products at that.  I love to make my own scrubs and butters.  My babies included too.  I am so hesitant to buy products off the shelf.  They claim to be natural but the ingredients list is still full of preservatives.  I try to stick […]

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veggie omelette toast

Breakfast is served.   I really enjoy cooking for my family even if at times Apple and I are the only ones who eat.  Mistor is pretty simple, not too fancy even with his food.  Me….my palette is all over the place.   I cooked Veggie Omelette Toast yesterday and it was really delicious.  I […]

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