The last three years have been great, I have connected with other moms, made new friends, live and socially.


There is always a but, how effective is my platform. I am always at a cross roads as to what content to post that will create a discussion. When you look at all the social media influencer pages everything is prim, proper, beautiful, even mystifying with bold pictures.


At first, I truly blogged in hopes of gaining followers and being labeled as an “influencer.” Securing the bag and gaining popularity was high on the list.

But now that my kids are growing, I cannot help but notice the world and the times we live in. To be a great parent is to make your mark, set paths and examples and legacy for your kids. The ultimate goal: for them to have and be better than what you are.

We are living in horrible times with that demon and his inept wife as president, yes I said it, I have no sympathy for her either. Women have often been just as treacherous as their racist and bigoted counterparts.

Being a racist is becoming popular. Hatred is becoming popular. Violence is popular. And it could happen to anyone at anytime.

No racism has always been there. We’ve just never seen it’s ugly face displayed as often as we see on TV.

I loathe him and all that his administration and followers stand for.

There is no safety, no peace, no kindness, no compassion, no tolerance and lastly there is no GOD in this administration.

Haven’t you noticed?

I have worked very hard to get to the point where I have a true voice and at this point in my life and my career I have a responsibility to do what’s best for the world and not what is most popular.’ – Beyonce

At this point in my life, at 40, popularity isn’t even a goal for me. Change is. Doing what is mandatory for my kids to thrive in America. I want to use this platform to shed light on the good in the world but also the worst of it.

But first, VOTE them out of office. I’m with Maxine Waters, if you see them in public, let them know how you feel. After all they work for us, our voices.

The youth of today began this millennial movement for change with the March for Our Lives movement to change gun laws.

I am delighted young people are aware and involved. Watch out!

I hope you’re registered because voting, not just in the presidential election, but primary elections will change this presidency. Vote out the senators, state representatives and lawmakers that do not have our best interests at heart. You can register and check to see if your registration is still valid here it only takes 30 seconds.

Do you know her?

Her name is Nia Wilson.

Say it with me.

Say her name.

Nia Wilson.

If you haven’t heard of her please click here to be informed. She was the victim of a horrible white supremaciat stabbing attack that took her life and left her sister critically injured.

I mean what in the fuck is going on.

Being racist is becoming popular. Hatred is popular. Violence is popular. And it could happen to anyone at anytime.

Yes, even you.

We have loads of work to do. It’s cool to post your beauty hacks, dopest outfits and places and people you have seen. Enjoy life, really enjoy it. But can you really be at peace when another’s life doesn’t matter, isn’t fully capable or allowed to enjoy the liberties and freedoms of the world.

But don’t forget life outside those squares is real. I hope you are using your voice for change as well. We can’t be distracted by what only makes us feel good. We have to always be affected by that lump I our throats, the drops of our stomach and tearing eyes to stay connected to each other I this world .

It’s really simple, the solution that is.


I know it cliche but it’s the truth. Because within love you find, peace, hope, faith and ACTION. Love is all of those things but most of all, it’s a verb.

Love is action.

So I will be at rallies this year, protest, signing petitions, making donations and whatever it takes to make change happen.

But until then I will enjoy babies and my family in my lifetime and pray this world will be different for #dembabies




diy || baby oil 

I am completely obsessed with skin care and all natural products at that.  I love to make my own scrubs and butters.  My babies included too.

I am so hesitant to buy products off the shelf.  They claim to be natural but the ingredients list is still full of preservatives.  I try to stick to if I can’t eat it I don’t use it on my skin.  I used coconut oil and olive oil for their skincare exclusively until they were six months old then I began to make my own mild scents.

I am loving grapeseed oil.  I use it as a nightly moisturizer on my face.  Now that my youngest son is older I can use a grapeseed oil mix that I poe’d up.

POE UP shawty!

The smell is subtle and baby like.  Everyone always says they smell like babies…go figure.. 

It smells heavenly.  Very fresh and earthy too.   A clean smell as Daddy says.

My Dos got a head to toe rub down with some extra love tonight using the baby oil I made.  We literally have a massage routine starting with his limbs moving onward and down.  Massages and stretches are very soothing for babies.  Dad bathed Sage tonight so his rub down I’m sure was rather quick, if at all lol.  I rub them down for about ten minutes at night if I’m not too tired.

It always puts them right to sleep.

Try it Mamas!

The ingredients are really simple….

(Not the best pic but you get the picture)


All equal parts of oils then add drops of oil to your scent liking I used:

1/3 Coconut oil (melted)

1/3 Grapeseed oil

1/3 Olive oil

10-15 drops of lemongrass oil 

*****lemongrass oil is very strong and can overpower your other scents so I do one drop at a time until satisfied)

5-10 drops of sweet orange oil

5-10 drops of sandalwood oil

Shake well together.

Adjust the amounts of essential oils to your scent liking.

Apply on wet or damp skin.  Wet is the key.  I rub them down while wet and let them air dry.

***** PLEASE do a patch test on your baby before trying this recipe.   Some babies skin may still be sensitive after 6 months however none of these oils are harmful if used.*****

be happy. 

veggie omelette toast

Breakfast is served.  

I really enjoy cooking for my family even if at times Apple and I are the only ones who eat.  Mistor is pretty simple, not too fancy even with his food.  Me….my palette is all over the place.  

I cooked Veggie Omelette Toast yesterday and it was really delicious.  I saw a similar recipe on YouTube a while back but I honestly can’t remember the site I got this from but there are tons of other videos with recipes like this one.  I decided to put my own twist to it.  

So at 6:30 am Dos and I headed to the store PJs and all.    

I only came for bread and these beauties… 

Take time to stop….

Really simple recipe, all you need is: 
**all of the ingredients I used were organic except for the avocados** 

2 small tomatoes (I prefer on the vine)…

1/2 white medium sized onion…. 

1 Medium sized Hass Avocado 

Eggs…. I cooked for three people so adjust amounts to your serving size.  


Sautée your onions and (I forgot to snap a pic), 2 cloves of garlic in a pan.  Cook for 3-4 minutes until onions are soft.  Add the tomatoes and avocado toward the end I like these firm.  

Cut holes out of your bread….
Place the veggies inside the holes and top with eggs…

Place the cut out piece of bread on top of the mixture.  

I cooked this on a med-low heat to make sure the eggs were fully cooked and also so the bread wouldn’t burn before it had cooked.  

So I loved it but it doesn’t unless the tot likes it….

Count Dracula has him occupied right now…. 





I gave him half of a piece to try first and he loved it and wanted his other half.  

Y’all, this is a winner because it’s a full plate of breakfast inside of toast. It can’t get more convenient than this for my household.  Perfect for Mommy who does most of the cooking.  


What one piece meals do you run to?! 

****the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents****

losing the baby fat while having a baby 

Hey y’all!! I am back with another delayed, overdue, procrastinated post.  The last four months have been extremely sad for me.  I’ve been to eight funerals this year two being my beautiful big sister and beloved grandfather and it’s been particularly hard to cope, mourn and manage life being a new mom, soon to be mommy and soon to be wife.  

My latest struggle now is I am 27 weeks pregnant with pregnancy induced high blood pressure (preeclampsia) and weight issues.  About two months ago a visit from my specialist warned that I may, no girlfriend said I need to lose 10-15 pounds.

I was only three months post-partum when I became pregnant with my second son. I know, just…don’t.  I never really had the chance to lose my baby weight when I began picking it back up with cheeseburgers and chili cheese fries.  So, now I am here with another trial to add to the others of losing weight while pregnant.  

My doctor’s appointment last week revealed I have lost 7 pounds so far!  A slow but huge accomplishment for me with the way I’m feeling right now.  Having to feed a nine month old now actually improved my eating habits because I definitely did not want to cook two separate meals nor do I want him developing bad eating habits eating off of my plate.  

Lots of veggies and fruits have been an everyday part of this struggle because its definitely a struggle everyday.  I still have morning/all day sickness into my seven month, TF!  So eating this way has helped some.  I’ve definitely had to cut out greasy and fried foods because they just exacerbate the nausea and vomitting.  

So I’m sure there are others out there with a similar struggle and we can all use the encouragement and meal ideas.  I’ve listed some of the meals I’ve prepared that have helped me along the way.  
Boiled eggs w/homemade salsa, sliced tomatoes and wheat toast is my favorite so far.  Really simple and quick to cook.  I only eat bread twice a week so I pick and choose wisely. 

Baked tilapia, I have some issues with tilapia but I often use out for Black/Red grouper but I forgot to take pics before devouring it, with brown rice, steamed broccoli and asparagus with a slice of avocado. I eat an avocado everyday.  It’s a superfood so it’s loaded with omega 3’s, folate, potassium, fiber I could go on.  

Curried chicken salad with cranberries, apples and pecans.  This one is delicious.  I’ll share the recipe later on! 

LOTS of fresh fruits. I’ve been craving watermelon a lot so I go with what my body wants/needs!  

Watermelons as big as babies well my baby! 

This is a Peruvian Apple but it looks and tastes like a pear.  I visit the Farmer’s market weekly for a variety of fruits, I get bored easily! 

Lots of salmon, sautéed kale and mushrooms, mashed yams and zucchini and squash medley. 

Now I have my cheat days but I still try and cheat healthy.  Usually this is when I eat my bread.  I found this little eatery at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market in Atlanta, if you’re ever in Atlanta check it out)l, that serves falafel sandwiches to die for.  I can’t remember the name for the life of me but I’ll be doing a local business post. 

These meals have helped a lot.  With it being summer I hate to cook but these are pretty quick.   Along with moderate exercise, I walk with Sage in his stroller for about 30-45 minutes about 3-4 a week.  I was told that was the only exercise to engage in as of now.  

***Please consult with your physician before entering into new meal and exercise plans while pregnant! 

Are you trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy pregnancy at the same time?  What are your go to meals? 

****the opinions expressed on LCC are just THAT, MY two cents!****

DIY Organic Baby Food 

I’ve been contemplating when and how I would start to prepare Sage’s food for him.  I realized it was time when he snatched my plate out of my hand one day. Kid’s pretty strong.  

I’ve done a post on store bought foods because I was traveling a lot for a month or so and it was just more convenient than having to pack and carry blenders and steamers to prepare his food. 

I could not wait to settle down and purée veggies and fruits for him. 

I started with basic vegetables like butternut squash, red apples, bananas, kiwi and kale.  I was amazed at how smooth and creamy they came out.  A completely and better texture than the jarred versions and a bit thicker than the pouches.  

It was completely easy and took less than an hour or to make a weeks worth of food.  Did I mention I spent $3.83 for organic veggies and fruits at that. Organic!!!!!


The butternut squash was the easiest.  I peeled them first.  I didn’t think purchasing a steamer was necessary so I used a pot of boiling water and a colander inside with the pot lid on top to steam them.  Once they were soft I simply puréed and added them in my Baby Brezza which I love.  The size is perfect for just the right amount of foods for the week.  

Always steam or boil your vegetables.  Blending raw food isn’t healthy for your baby and will give them the runs.  


Yummy right?! The texture was so smooth and creamy I made some for myself to eat! 

I also made Kale and Apple purée as well.  I sautéed the Kale in a little water until they became wilted and steamed the apples as well. I basically did the same process and puréed them together! 


I had dinner cooking on the stove so I had to pull out the hot plate and knock all this cooking out! 


To make it creamier I simply added more distilled water. 

Next time I’ll get a manicure before blogging with these sad hands lol! 


See! Really simple, easy, cheaper and much more healthier for the little one.  

Apple sucking on a pineapple for his treat instead of juice! 

I’m enjoying trying combinations.  Today was kiwi and bananas.  Tart but sweet, he LOVED it.  Make sure your baby eats the same food for three days to watch for any allergic reactions before trying new foods.  

What food combinations have you made for your baby? Do you find cooking for them easier? 

****the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents****